API Documentation

This page gives you a short overview of how to use the t3versions API to check domains for TYPO3 usage.

Please note, that the API has a rate limited of 50 requests/second.



Use the provided username and password to retrieve an access token for further requests.

POST https://www.t3versions.com/api/auth/login/

{ "username": "my-user", "password": "a-secure-password" }

If the credentials were valid, the API returns a token as shown in the example response:


The token must be used as authorization header for all requests to API routes that require authentication (tagged with "auth" in this documentation).

Authorization: Token a-token-64-chars-in-length

Logout auth

Logouts out the user and invalidates the token.

POST https://www.t3versions.com/api/auth/logout/

Check auth

Adds a TYPO3 check to the check queue. This route is throttled by 10000 requests/day by default.

POST https://www.t3versions.com/api/v1/check/

{ "domain": "derhansen.com" }

Example response:

    "id": "6b9050a6-9349-4380-9c87-973f8b2efaf7",
    "domain": "derhansen.com",
    "message": "The check has been scheduled. Please use the result URL to get the check results.",
    "result_url": "https://www.t3versions.com/api/v1/check/6b9050a6-9349-4380-9c87-973f8b2efaf7/"

Check result auth

A task queue will perform all enqueued TYPO3 checks in the background. Depending on the amount of checks in the queue and on the TYPO3 website to analyze, it may take some seconds to complete the check. Use the returned "id" from the check request to get the check result.

GET https://www.t3versions.com/api/v1/check/{id}/

Example response:

    "id": "6b9050a6-9349-4380-9c87-973f8b2efaf7",
    "finished": true,
    "finished_date": "2021-02-06T14:33:23.225974+01:00",
    "domain": "www.derhansen.com",
    "has_ssl": true,
    "is_typo3": true,
    "major_version": "10.4",
    "country_iso": "DE",
    "ip_address": "",
    "composer": 1,
    "message": "The website is running TYPO3 version 10.4."