TYPO3 Major Version Statistics

Statistics for Sept. 16, 2019, 8:17 a.m.

The charts below show an overview of aggregated data for processed TYPO3 version checks. Data basis for the charts are 322220 analyzed TYPO3 websites (63052 unique IP Addresses).

The results are based on a re-scan of all known TYPO3 websites in the database. No domains have been crawled.
1322 new websites using TYPO3 have been added as a result of manual checks through the t3versions frontend.

TYPO3 versions analyzed

TYPO3 website that are specially secured and the major version could not be determined are marked as N/A.

Supported vs. unsupported versions

Supported versions are those, that are officially supported by the TYPO3 core team. Sites, where the TYPO3 version could not be determined are not included.

SSL vs. non-SSL

The chart contains checked URLs with HTTPS as schema and
TYPO3 websites, that automatically redirect to SSL.

Top 15 TLDs

Top 15 Countries

The country is determined from an IP address database.


Changes since last check

TYPO3 update target version

The target TYPO3 version for sites processed a TYPO3 update.

Which CMS known TYPO3 sites changed to

At which version did sites stop using TYPO3